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About Us

Welcome to our esteemed coding academy, where the seeds of innovation are sown, and the pathways to a digital future are illuminated. Today, We stand before you to share the vision and passion that drives our academy and the incredible opportunities it holds for each and every one of you.

In this fast-paced world of technological advancements, coding has become the universal language that shapes our digital landscape. It is the driving force behind the websites we visit, the apps we rely on, and the transformative technologies that shape industries. The demand for skilled programmers is at an all-time high, and it is our mission to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this ever-evolving field.

Código Perrón is a top choice for computer science education due to its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, practical approach to learning, flexible options, and job placement assistance.

Código Perrón offers a wide range of courses in computer science and applications, including programming, data structures and algorithms, web development, mobile app development, machine learning, cybersecurity, software engineering, database management, and network administration.

Yes, Código Perrón provides corporate training programs tailored to the specific needs of organizations. These programs are designed to upskill employees and enhance their knowledge in various areas of computer science and applications.

Yes, Código Perrón provides certifications to students upon successful completion of their courses. These certifications serve as evidence of your skills and knowledge in the respective field of study. They can be valuable for enhancing your resume, demonstrating your expertise to potential employers, or furthering your educational and career goals.

Yes, Código Perrón provides opportunities for hands-on projects and internships as part of its curriculum. Students have the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in practical settings, working on real-world projects or collaborating with industry partners to gain valuable experience and enhance their professional portfolios.